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Monnaiedecoro does not hold any rights on the terms of EMI offered by different banks. Each issuing bank at its sole discretion shall reject/change the EMI tenure/scheme as per. Customers must personally follow up with the banks for any discrepancy.

In any case of defaults or any failure/non conversion of payments into required EMI the customers are liable to contact the banks and Monnaiedecoro shall not be liable for the same.

The availability of EMI options for the customers on the credit card may  depend upon the threshold value as set by each banks

EMI transactions cannot be cancelled or modified once it has been submitted by the particular bank,in case of cancellations for the EMI options we shall raise a request to our payment gateway partner which in turn will request the banks to initiate with the refunds.

In this case cancellation charges may be applicable, which has to be paid by the customer.

General FAQ's on EMI:

1. Interest rates offered by banks?


            * SBI EMI options - subjected for bank's approval.

          For example, for buying a product of worth Rest. 50,000/-, please see below for the payment tenure


2. Full amount has been charged from my account even after converting for the EMI option?

All transactions will be converted into EMI only in offline mode, at first you will be charged the full amount then only it would be converted into EMI transaction which would normally take 6-7 working days for conversion.

In case it gets lapsed after 7 working days, please contact your bank for further details.

3. Even after a week the transaction has not been converted into EMI. What should be done?

In case it gets lapsed after 7 working days, please contact your bank for further details.

We are not liable if any transaction gets rejected, it is purely the issuing bank's sole discretion.

4. Credit card statement shows full amount has been charged. What should be done?

Please check the bill generation date and contact your bank to get update on the status.

5. Why is the total amount higher than the product value when purchased through EMI?

The issuing bank charges interest rates at annualised rate per EMI transaction.

The interest rates are decided by the issuing banks and MonnaieDecoro does not hold any responsibility for the same.

If the bank cancels the EMI conversion then it gets converted into a normal credit card transaction.

6. In case if I wish to cancel my order after I have paid few EMI's or before paying any EMI ?

We do not support any cancellation of orders after 6 hours of order placement.

Why Monnaie Decoro?

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Note : The minimum purchase amount is Rs.1,00,000