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Warranty coverage

This warranty is applicable for the first consumers and is not transferable. Customers who have purchased with us online are by default registered for the warranty forall the products they are purchasing. Refer terms of usage of the product to understand the detailed warranty coverage and policies.

Products Details:-

The warranty coverage has been divided into two factors - 3 Year & 5 Years (based upon the material finishes).The products covered in the 3 year warranty are manufactured using high quality Pre-laminated MDF boards(including shutters) procured from the high end manufacturers across thecountry & the products covered in the 5 year warranty are manufactured using with high quality plywood and shutters with MDF boards.All the interior parts of the product are covered with white lamination (matt finish) for better finish & quality.

Prelaminated MDF: -




The warranty does not apply on the product in case of:

Expiry of Warranty 

Warranty will automatically terminate as per the expiry and exclusion terms.

Claims Procedure

Abusive Language:

In case consumer uses abusive language while registering complain/ or obtaining service related information with the person attending the call on the toll free number, in such case the company will hook the call and will not entertain the call again. In case the consumer does not allow the technician to inspect the product or gets physically or verbally abusive with the technician in such case company shall terminate the warranty and will not entertain any further complaints from the consumer. In such cases company shall take restrictive action against the customer.

Why Monnaie Decoro?

To be unique is the most daunting task in every field , and everyone wants to be unique in different aspects , to be the top most designer , uniqueness is the main factor.

We at monnaie decoro thrive hard to attain uniqueness in the furniture designs that we provide to you.

Our research team along with our creative crew think out of the box and presents you designs never before, may it be the design aspect , creativity, color combo or utility , there is always a unique factor in it that makes monnaie decoro different from others and our customers feel proud to be unique when compared to other customers worldwide.

Note : The minimum purchase amount is Rs.1,00,000