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We at Monnaiedecoro safeguard every transaction conducted through our website.Have a look at our payment policies to understand it better.

Payment options available @ Monnaiedecoro:

 We provide our customers more than 150 plus payment options, some of them are listed as below:

The above options include all leading banks like ICICI, HDFC, Citibank, SBI, Axis etc. Apart from the above,customers can also use their international credit cards for shopping @ Monnaiedecoro.

COD(Cash on delivery) option:

Currently we do not offer any cash on delivery option for our product range.

EMI options:

Our products can be bought with EMIs using the following banks:

Axis, SBI, HSBC, ICICI, Induslnd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank etc.

Online Payment Guide:

Keep all the card details like card holder name, number, and CVV and expiry date. Along with 3D secure password. During the payment process you may be redirected to your bank website. Once your transaction is completed you will be brought back to the Monnaiedecoro website with your order details which you can keep a copy of.

Never press the browser back button when the transaction is still currently being done.

In case if the transactions fails, please check for the following:

Information entered on to payment gateway is accurate i.e.: account details, billing address, password.

Continuous internet connection without any distortion.

If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it will be rolled back within 7 working days. Further clarifications can be mailed to hello@monnaiedecoro.com

Safe guardness:

Our online shopping is completely safe. Transactions are via the payment gateway provided by CCAvenue, which is both PCI compliant and Norton Secured. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and CCAvenue is compliant with the global information security standards defined for organisations  which handle cardholder information.

Customer Info @ Monnaiedecoro:

Monnaiedecoro does not collect any of your account information. Your transaction is authorized first by CCAvenue and then by Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Banks directly without any information passing through us. We always keep a watch on all transactions on-going through our site, to ascertain fraudulent situations and take corrective measures to limit the damages caused.

Why Monnaie Decoro?

To be unique is the most daunting task in every field , and everyone wants to be unique in different aspects , to be the top most designer , uniqueness is the main factor.

We at monnaie decoro thrive hard to attain uniqueness in the furniture designs that we provide to you.

Our research team along with our creative crew think out of the box and presents you designs never before, may it be the design aspect , creativity, color combo or utility , there is always a unique factor in it that makes monnaie decoro different from others and our customers feel proud to be unique when compared to other customers worldwide.

Note : The minimum purchase amount is Rs.1,00,000